Benefits of replacing your windows

If you haven’t upgraded your windows yet, you are missing out on savings, comfort, and overall home value. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider replacing your existing windows with new, high performance energy efficient windows.

Energy efficient

Older homes are typically fashioned with single-pane windows. While they are often prized for their classic, traditional look, they bleed heat, letting the cold inside in the winter and let the heat inside in the summer.  With new, high performance energy efficient windows, this won’t be a problem for you anymore. Keep the temperature in your home comfortably regulated.

Not all windows are created equally. New windows are much more energy efficient than traditional single-pane windows.  However, just because a window is new, it does not mean it is energy efficient. We recommend windows and doors that are ENERGY STAR certified for your region. To find out more about ENERGY STAR® in Canada, please visit:

Save money

Your energy bill creeps up every time your home or building has to expend more energy to compensate for a draft getting through your windows and doors. Minimize this and save money by improving performance of your windows and doors.

Boost your curb appeal

Windows can really define a building. Whether it’s your home, office, or apartment, you can boost your curb appeal by refitting your home with new windows, effectively increasing the value of your property.

Say goodbye to noise pollution

Do you need it to be quiet to fall sleep or work? Double or triple sealed units, properly installed, keep annoying and distracting noise outside where it belongs.

Water finds a way to seep in

Part of an upgrade is preventative. The damage caused by small leaks is not obvious and not too easy to check, but the problems it leads to can be serious. If you have old windows, upgrading them allows you to take a good look at the inside of your walls and ensures there are no surprises heading your way in the future.